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As the months started to heat up, so did the specials at TortiTaco Bar & Grill. We accomplished a photo shoot of the limited-time summer menu which became a crowd favorite.

One of our more unconventional projects that we did with Torti was to create illustrations of iconic staff members that customers have come to know and love. The illustrations will soon be able to be to purchased on shirts at TortiTaco Bar & Grill.

A Delicious Start

TortiTaco Bar and Grill is the sister restaurant to TortiTaco. This new restaurant offers a more up-scale environment than the first Torti. With a unique dinner menu, alcoholic beverages, and an oyster bar. Hexx Design was tasked with creating the brand identity for them. This included logo, website, flyers, and menu design. We are currently working with them on a monthly basis to create content for their social media channels.


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Authentic dishes like you never experienced before. Fine cuisine paired with our house recipe drinks equals the best combination for your palette.

Also, don't forget to try our masterpieces at the only Oyster Bar located in Southwest Michigan.


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