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As you can see the end result for the company was an elegant but yet clean logo that was able to encapsulate the message that the client was trying to transmit.

Coming Together

The Link Community Event Center will be a vibrant and modern community Event Center at the epicenter of Battle Creek, Michigan. At nearly 6,000 square feet, The Link will be a hosting site for events, conferences, classes, performances and more.


Branding | Design



The Link is a community event center. They came to us with the task of creating a logo that represents their brand, the way that they envisioned it. They focus on bringing positive community interactions, and linking people together. We made sure we embodied The Link’s voice into their logo. We did so by using a clean script font that is welcoming to the consumer’s eye. As well as being welcoming, it also has a luxury feel to it that indicates The Link is focus on creating a quality experience at their event center.


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